Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quirky is Cool (and profitable!) - The Modcloth Vintage Shopping, Crowd Sourcing Millionaire

Out of Her Closet,
 a $50 Million Business
Completely "trend right" without being "trendy" "Young Millionaire Entrepreneur" and Founder of Modcloth, Susan Gregg presents an aviary full of super cool and afforable bird motif home decor items. 

But this isn't a post with just pretty pictures of cool products (those are below though, so relax), this is about a successful business model which is among several to emerge as the "new normal" in today's economically challenging (understatement), socially engaged, and networked global consumer society.

By combining her unique style flair and modernly young approach to a start up business based around a social network, crowd sourcing (WWD), bloggers as PR agents, and the goal to have fun and then make money, Susan Gregg has turned her small startup into a multi-million dollar "emerging internet company you should know about (CNBC)". 

There have been many business articles written about the Modcloth founder and the company rise to success, and I suggest all should read them because they are a great case study for a super low cost start up that, with a good concept, perseverance and a unique vision can go viral.

There is so much internet chatter about "innovation" and it seems everyone is looking for the next iPhone or iPad, but innovation can be anywhere. Modcloth's business and marketing strategies as well as their "top business to work" for corporate culture is an innovation. And should be studied and used as inspiration.

Twitterific Gift Ideas From Modcloth

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