Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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27 March 2011 By Nidhi Dutt, Mumbai Correspondent, BBC News, Rajasthan

After the quake in Haiti, volunteers with
Ushahidi mapped the incidents
that needed rescuers’ attention
March 28, 2011, 9:15 PM By TINA ROSENBERG from New York Times Opinion Pages
"online crowdsourcing is a relatively recent phenomenon, and the efficiencies it brings to communicating within a large group make it useful in many new ways.   Many of us use crowdsourcing without thinking about it. If you’ve ever made a purchase on eBay, read customer reviews on Amazon.com to help you decide which rollerblades to buy or used comments on TripAdvisor.com to plan a vacation, you’ve taken advantage of crowd-sourcing.

Crowd-sourcing is being applied in many fields. At catwalkgenius.com it is bringing together fashion designers  and financial backers. At usertesting.com it provides feedback on why people leave your Web site.  It connects musicians and their fans to help organize private concerts at owngig.com.  Innocentive.com uses it to solve scientific and technological problems:  companies stuck on a problem put it up on the site and offer a cash prize for a solution.  About 30 percent of the time, an outsider solves the problem — often someone who isn’t even in the same field...." >> Continue Reading

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