Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busines: Idea Clippings

Following are some magazine and newspaper clippings that are on my office magnet board.

I hope they inspire you as much as they do me.

Edmund S. Phelps
On Innovation
"Having researched the effects of entrepreneurship, creativity and enterprise on the economy he [Edmund Phelps] came to the conclusion: Innovation is the source of a country's "structural dynamism" and is the root of just about everything good, like growth, employment, and prosperity."
Edmund S. Phelps, age 76, Economics Professor and Nobel laureate. Source: Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2009

John Battelle
On Twitter
"The question facing brands is how to join the conversation in a way that isn't boorish or stupid. The question facing us [Federated Media] is how to take this fire hose of information and curate it in a way that creates value for the brand and also creates value for the brand's audience." John Battelle, age 44, Founder/Chairman/CEO Federated Media, Source: Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2009

Mahesh Murthy
 On Branding
"The one thing I learned from my days in traditional advertising is that a brand doesn't exist on shelves-- it exists in the hearts and minds of people. Your brand is the sum total of perceptions about your product in the heads of your relevant audience. ....online media are the most important place for your brand image to be established, defended and grown." Mahesh Murthy, twitter , The Wall Street Journal, "Establish brand Image in Online Media", February 22, 2010
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