Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Trend Report

Hi folks. Sorry for the absence. I've been plugging away at work (busy busy) and also have been writing an extensive (400+ pages) trend presentation for 2012.  I distributed this report prior to 2012 to subscribing clients. However now that 2012 is here, I'm sharing excerpts on Slideshare with my Linked-In community with links to 17,000+ reference images and articles via my Pinterest boards. I invite you to follow me on Linked-In, join in on the group conversations, and check out my Pinterest boards and follow the ones that might interest you. If you aren't on Pinterest yet, you need to be! (read this)  If you need an invite you can e-mail me or just leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll send out an invitation.

Contents of My 2012 Trend Report

The 2012 Design | Intuition Trend Report is organized in sections (96 total) beginning with an analysis and forecast from 50,000' viewpoint and progressively narrows focus towards color and design trends for the consumer products industry. For each section I have outlined 12 trends that will begin their life cycle in 2012. And for each I have created a hashtag which facilitates internet searching and twitter conversations on each topic. 

  • Macro Trends ( #macroTrend ). this is the 50,000 foot level view of the economy, politics, and consumer sentiment.

  • Business Trends ( #bizTrend )  These are trends that will be disruptive innovations for all businesses from sole proprietors to global conglomerates. 

  • Retail Trends ( #retailTrend ) These are innovations and threats that will dramatically effect the way retailers do business during the year and going forward.

  • Design Trends #designTrend ) Taking inspiration from historical cues, the design trends in 2012 all incorporate modern interpretations, materials, and function with historically significant eras.

"Peacock" Blue (Teal) 1st of 12 #colorTrend for 2012  "Persimmon" (Red-Orange, Tomato Red) 2nd of 12 #colorTrend for 2012  "Cassis" (Purple) 3rd of 12 #colorTrend for 2012  "Mint" (indigo) 4th of 12 #colorTrend for 2012 

  • Motif Trends ( #motifTrend ) . For example, Owls were hot hot hot in 2011. Elephants are now coming in as the new hot trend, followed closely by Peacocks

  • Material Trends ( #materialTrend ) Ostrich Feathers and Velvet were prevalent on the Fashion Runways during New York Fashion Week to be hot in 2012 and will be paired with warm walnut veneer, natural finishes, and greige neutrals in wood.

My approach to trends and forecasting:
Identifying and highlighting trend that have or will survive past the early adopter stage and move up the curve towards mass popularity. Trends have a lifespan of 5-10 years, whereas Fads have a shelflife of 1 year or less; While Fads come in hot and fast and may look like the latest and greatest must have product, service, or business tool, Fads also burn out fast, and the must have becomes a write off quite quickly. Trends are something that can be banked on. In 2012 trends include the social media platform Pinterest, the color "Cassis" purple, and the appeal of the "Golden Age of Hollywood Glamour" in fashion and home decor. All of these trends will gain in popularity in 2012, and will remain in fashion for years to come. 

Happy forecasting!

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