Monday, November 1, 2010

Business: Apple, innovation, and being “Mindful”

Being “Mindful” – matters: Why Apple’s “magic” is not about the products– but the mindset


".... I realize that it is often because of Apple’s capacity to embrace, understand and act upon these emotions of courage, vision and passion, that leaves them (and the rest of the world) in awe and inspired...." >>Continue reading

Design vs Design Thinking

".... 'design' not just as an aesthetic quality, but moreover as a way of thinking and a fundamental belief.  The stories of Steve Jobs’ attention to detail and love of beautiful design is often what we hear about in the press.  Perhaps it is because we can easily identify with his appreciation for beautiful design, or maybe it is because it is a “logical” explanation as to why Apple products are so beautiful.  These stories may extol or criticize Steve Jobs the man, but they fail to capture the depths and significance of design thinking at Apple" >>Continue reading

"....I think we can learn far more about Apple excellence and innovation by asking questions that relate to the “why” and “how” of being design minded– not just the “what”  is obvious and produced." >>Continue reading

"....This is not only a bold leadership statement, but proof that a “Right Brain,” Design minded approach (holistic and conceptual) to innovation can indeed enhance left brain engineering results of logic and function." >>Continue reading

Einstein, DaVinci, Galileo, Ben Franklin...& Steve Jobs? 

"... when you think of history’s greatest minds, Einstein, DaVinci , Galileo, Benjamin Franklin, you realize that these men were geniuses not only for their science minds, but equally for their creative minds.  The ability to see beyond what is apparent, to think holistically in terms of emotion and function is essential in innovation."  >>Continue reading

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