Saturday, November 6, 2010

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LightPath Technologies to Present at the 7th Annual Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition
Posted on tweeted by @BullishChina 11/4/2010 (

LightPath Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTH), a global manufacturer, distributor and integrator of patented optical components and assemblies, announced today that it will be showcasing its expanded lens catalog at the Optics Valley of China (is this a new Silicon Valley?)International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum..." >> Continue Reading 

Business China by Andy Xie tweeted by @21cbhchinanews

Why QE2 Won't Solve the Root of the Global Financial Problems

"...the source of the global currency market instability is the U.S.'s strong preference for using monetary policy to solve economic problems [quantitative easing 'QE2' announced yesterday $600 billion]....the monetary stimulus won't solve the structural problems.>>continue reading
This is $1 billion. 
12 palettes with 10 million $100 bills
So, 600 billion would be 7200 palettes..
If only this were the Oprah Show:
"You get a palette, you get a palette.!

Will Quantitative Easing Lead to another Asian Financial Crisis?

"What's occurring now is similar to what occurred in 1992-97 but on a much larger scale. The Fed kept the monetary policy eased to cope with a banking crisis. As liquidity flowed into emerging economies, their stock markets were caught in a swell. .... >> Continue Reading

How Publix is Outperforming Kroger & Wal-Mart One Market At A Time

Washington D.C. – The latest version of The Shelby report estimates that Publix (one of APT’s clients) has overtaken Kroger and Walmart as the No. 1 grocer in the Atlanta market. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggests that the competitors have the following approximate share of the market:
  1. Publix: 27%
  2. Kroger: 25.5%
  3. Walmart: 23%
How has Publix done it? In our opinion, Publix outperforms competitors on several dimensions:
  • focus on the customer
  • high quality product
  • associate engagement
  • corporate execution

November 5, 2010 from Understanding Society Tweeted by @Richard_Florida retweeted by @brucenussbaum

An article about Urban Planning, transportation infrastructure, population density, and much more! Great read!!

"Shanghai is a city approaching 20 million people, and it is arguably the most economically dynamic city in Asia....The [subway] system currently consists of twelve lines, with new track being added rapidly.  It handles something like five million passengers a day....High-speed trains now connect Shanghai to Hangzhou and Suzhou, bringing those cities comfortably within the 45-minute radius of Shanghai.  The high-speed train from Shanghai to Hangzhou takes only 25 minutes today.  In practical terms, this means that there can be a tight integration among firms, knowledge workers, and universities throughout this region with a total population approaching 90 million people in the Yangtze River Delta Region.  Professionals can live in Hangzhou or Souzhou and do their work in Shanghai." >>Continue Reading

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