Sunday, November 7, 2010

Design: Cool Russian Home Magazine

Home Magazine from Russia
Российская Федерация
Rossiyskaya Federatsiya
Ok, so if your Cyrillic is as rusty as mine, if you want to read the articles or captions you will need to use the translate option on Google Chrome, but that's super easy. Or you can just check-out the pictures. Super cool.

This isn't your grandmother's patchwork! from Squint Limited
Brunswick Arm Chair from Squint Limited, £4000
These are just so cheery happy bright. I guess when its bleak and cold for so many months, you want your insides to be vibrant. Well...wowsa this'll do it. I wonder what kind of music they listen to while sitting in a fun-ka-delicly-happy pad like this? My playlist would include Reggae (of course), a rotation of the Pottery Barn Margarita Mix CD (cause the sofa  looks a bit like a Mexican Sarape
Home Magazine (Russia)

Home Magazine (Russia)

 It's like Mr. Potato Head and Martha Stewart got together for a party!
Home Magazine (Russia)
I'm  not sure what they are calling this color, but I see it as a dark coral. I love it. The perfect complement to yesterday's turquoise.
Home Magazine (Russia)
 All the great trends, are the same across the Atlantic: Electric Limeade, black +white,  Textures and tufting. Mid-Century modern silhouettes (Platner inspired). 
Home Magazine (Russia)

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