Friday, April 8, 2011

TV Show Idea: The Real TFBs of Santa Barbara

TFB is a term we learn early in Santa Barbara, probably right after Milk and before Cookies in Kindergarten. Trust Fund Babies (TFB) are everywhere in this town. Don't get me wrong, most people here are average Joes and Josies working long hard hours trying to pay the crazy housing prices. 

But we do have a large population of 'immigrants' - those people who are not "born" in Santa Barbara, but move to the area, because, like Native's like me, they enjoy the laid back atmosphere, great weather, and Summer Solstice Parade. The only difference between these "immigrants" and us...they are the spawn of the Rich. 

Don't get me wrong, we love hard working Entrepreneurs who are successful, and who move to town, and give back to the community (thank you Ty Warner, Michael Douglas, Jack Johnson, et al). But, the TFBs who are generally slackers can make a hung-over UCSB student after a 3 day Halloween bender IV look like a polished and disciplined military cadet.

Halloween in Isla Vista, UCSB Students
In the good ole' days, the TFBs were livin' high on the hog, the checks just rolled in on a monthly basis, and all was cool. But, when the market crashed in 2008, many found their rock steady trust funds had in fact crumbled. Antics ensued. Many made journeys to the Grandparents, asking for advances on their inheritance (I kid you not), others had to (gasp) get jobs!. Including telemarketing oxygen tanks to senior citizens. (Seriously). 

Tell me this would not make an amazing new TV Series for Bravo. 
Move over Housewives, the new hot reality celebrities with bad cosmetic surgeries are TFBs  

Stay tuned for:
The Real TFBs of Santa Barbara

And, in the future......The Real TFBs of:

  • Palm Beach
  • Manhattan
  • Beverly Hills
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