Sunday, September 26, 2010

Design Trend - Greige, Even the Name is Depressing

I'm sorry, but I am just not a fan of the all over 'greige' look that has splattered itself across this season's home furnishings and fashion looks. 

Don't get me wrong, I love "driftwood" finish on furniture, and of course neutral colors are always a staple to any overall design (interior and fashion). 

What I cannot abide is the lack of any color. I guess it seems like the economy is depressingly gray on its own, without our homes and clothing also being drab and gray. 

If you love this look, that is okay, but please, consider adding a touch of color and whimsy to preserve your sanity. And, you can get your fill of greige at a blog entirely devoted to the 'look'.

greige (n)  unbleached or undyed cloth or yarn. Origin: French grège, from Italian (seta) greggia, raw (silk), from greggio, gray, of Germanic origin.

"Belgian Shelter" Restoration Hardware Fall 2010

Restoration Hardware Fall 2010

Restoration Hardware Fall 2010

Restoration Hardware Fall 2010

 The models even look morose.
Mathilda Frachon Fall Paris Runway Shows

Lindsay Wixson, Paris Fall 2010
 Not only does this poor woman have to wear greige, but she also has a big pom pom on her head.
Marlena Szoka, Paris Fall 2010
 This model looks a bit sardonic, pale as a cast member of the Twilight Saga.
Gwen Loos, Paris Fall Runway Shows
"Go Greige"
Granted, this quaint French Provincial look is poetic. But the difference is it is authentic, rather than contrived. I guess, its the difference between a sulky 'emo' trust fund baby (aka: TFB) as opposed to, say a bona fide downer.
From The Marion House Book, Via Greige Blog
Found the original posting on Ikea blog here

Updated November 10, 2010
Other Greige Rants (it's not just me! yay!)

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