Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Other Blog for American Society of Furniture Designers

My other blog hat recently has been to start a blog for  the American Society of Furniture Designers Blog. I am currently doing all the content for the ASFD blog, so my blog, sadly is currently neglected (but, as our former Governator-baby Daddy says "I'll be back").

...If you are reading this and you are in the home furnishings industry, or interested in it, please follow the ASFD blog as well as mine here. I have been redirecting articles and content that I feel is well suited to the ASFD blog

Call for contributors
In addition, note, this is a call for contributors to the ASFD blog. If you are an ASFD member please send in your blog address, and we'll add you to our link love. If you  have thoughts on the Home Furnishings Industry, design in general, product development, innovation, or just have something interesting to share, please send it to me at and mark the subject ASFD blog.

If I may say so myself 
There are some great innovation, design thinking, product development, and job posting links on the ASFD blog - so please check it out. 

Recent ASFD blog posts include:

ASFD Pinnacle Awards are DUE JUNE 1st
Also, I would be remiss if I do not also remind all that submissions for the ASFD Pinnacle Awards are DUE JUNE 1st. This is the Furniture equivalent of the Academy Awards (but it's held in High Point rather than Hollywood-but hey, the both start with an 'H' right?!)  See link here for all the details.
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