Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trends for 2013 from Peter Day of BBC

I'm a big fan of Peter Day's "World of Business" BBC podcast.

His December 29th, 2012 "GlobalBiz: 2013 Look Ahead" podcast features great interviews with a couple of my favorite trend forecasters:

Mark Anderson, Strategic News Service

  • technological security threats through the hardware and chips, not just software and hacking.
  • Hacktivists as our friends.
  • Driverless cars coming sooner than we think

David Mattin, Lead Strategist, TrendWatching.com

  • Emerging markets targeting other emerging markets with their brands, products, and innovations. 
  • Our smartphones will be interwoven into every aspect of our lives'. It will be a "lifestyle revolution". Our personal assistant. The more we personalize our apps, the better our assistants will know us.
  • QR codes are the future ... ? Peapod as an example. (Forbes article , Instore Trends,  as well)
  • M-health will make our healthcare providers smarter and safer. Democratizing and empowering healthcare.
  • 3D printing  - "Again Made Here", The return of manufacturing to "developed markets". Greater innovation. (my 2012 3D printing report)

Caroline Webb, Seven Shift Leadership

  • The new normal
  • VUCA = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity
  • Personal endurance is a skill we need to master individually
  • Planning for an uncertain future in organizations

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