Saturday, December 25, 2010

DesignTrend Alert! British Invasion *Updated 12/25/2010*

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Austin Powers, Goldmember, 2002, NewLine Cinema

Fashion runways and home furnishings stores are filling up with images from the tiny islands of Great Britain. 

But, don't worry! This is not my great uncle Alfred's staid old English library (I do actually have a Great Uncle Alfred in Bournemouth)

Rather, this trend is the Austin Powers "Yeah, baby, yeah" Mid-Century shag-a-delic, pop art inspired kitschy  British Invasion.

Funk-i-fied traditional furniture is oh so groovy. 
This Bombay Chest featured on Honey & Fritz blog (by way Decor Dermon)  of is anything but dull. 

Boden, Fall 2010
In fashion Boden's fall line features an entire line inspired by the UK flag.

Karen Hilton Designs

Karen Hilton Designs creates 'very iconic, very classic' toss pillows,tea cozies, and egg warmers (very British!) in the traditional Red, White, and Blue and in custom colors. 

Her designs aren't limited to the UK Union Jack-she also carries the classic British target design (not the retailer Target, whose logo, btw looks suspiciously like the original WWII Airforce British Roundel which was appropriated by The Who--perhaps there was a Quadropenia fan in on the logo design for Target?!-that's rad though, no finger pointing here :-)),

Mid-Century Ball Chair by Eero Saarinen
These customized Mid-Century Classics: Arne Jacobson's Egg Chair and Eero Saarinen's Ball Chair (Originals Available from Hive Modern ) are oh so groovy baby, yeah.
Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair, Customized by Andrew Martin
Special thanks for this 2010-2011 Trend "British Invasion Reunion Tour" to it's original style influencers: Quadrophenia (The Who) ...

 ...and The Sex Pistols.

PS - Of course a British Style Invasion Trend post would not be complete without a nod to the ubiquitous "Keep Calm and Carry On" merchandise (see images in my previous Trend Post Limeade) Please stay tuned for my soon to follow post, Bloody Hell, YOU Keep Calm, I'm Gonna Freak OUT!).
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