Monday, October 25, 2010

Business Blog: My Favorite Biz Tweet Links from Last Week

Urgently Needed! Rt Brain Leaders for Innovation Era 

Oct 8, 2010 "Brain Leaders and Learners"  Tweeted by @ADHumlen

"New research on right brain powered innovation shows a pathway of possibilities for leaders ready to take the leap, says researcher Ibrahim Senay....Savants point to enormous innovative opportunities that come with right brain leadership." >> Continue Reading


Packaged Goods Suffering From Dearth of Innovation  

Oct 25, 2010 "Advertising Age" Tweeted by via @adage:

"Bad Economy Might Seem to Favor Basics Like Shampoo Over Frills Like IPads, but Not This Time.-- Packaged goods are supposed to be recession-resistant staples people can't do without. Yet things have been different in this recession. People have proven they can do without, or at least spend less". >>Continue Reading


Chinese Online Shoppers Have High Standards   

Oct 20, 2010 "Wall Street Journal" Tweeted by @diane_berard

Chinese online shoppers may be new to e-commerce compared with their American counterparts, but their expectations are high, .... Chinese online retailers have achieved a level of service that far surpasses expectations for service in the U.S. In Beijing, for example, if a consumer were to place an order at 10 a.m., it would be possible for that order to be delivered by 3 p.m. “The threshold for excellence is already extremely high,” .... >> Continue Reading

Global Composite Industry Growth Prospects Tied to Macro Trends: Solid Returns on Capital, Sustainable Solutions Key to Success

SINGAPORE, Oct. 15 "PR Newswire" -Tweeted by me. I found this article through hyperlinks while looking into OC stock.

 "....When it comes to governments, Dana noted that increasing pressure to raise the bar on sustainability at every level will be key for industry players looking to expand globally.
"The opportunity and the need is tremendous to continue to innovate and educate governments and customers on how composites can improve the durability of infrastructure and enable new, renewable energy sources," he said.  :  >> Continue Reading


John Sculley On Steve Jobs, The Full Interview Transcript

Oct 14, 2010 "Cult of Mac" Tweeted by @cultofmac

 "...didn’t know really anything about computers nor did any other people in the world at that time. This was at the beginning of the personal computer revolution, but we both believed in beautiful design and Steve in particular felt that you had to begin design from the vantage point of the experience of the user." >> Continue Reading

March 2010 "Core 77" 

" It's a sign of the times when The Economist, the house journal of the global business elite, holds a conference in London on 'design thinking' (official Big Rethink site here). Having attended the conference, produced in association with The Design Council and held over 11-12 March, I was left wondering one thing: why is design thinking such a hot topic with business leaders, given that it leaves so many designers cold?" >> Continue Reading 
FYI - The Economist's 2011 "The ig Rethink:Competing On Ideas" will be held March 3, 2011in London, but you can get info and out-takes from their website. 

by Bruce Nussbaum "Fast Company Design"

"European and U.S. corporations are increasingly using local innovation consultancies for their local business. And other emerging market countries are starting to hire consultancies schooled in design thinking....
Design thinking may have begun as a Western concept exported overseas but a reverse flow of concepts and tools is just a matter of time. We've already begun to see new concepts such as "frugal innovation" [example the Netbook] flow from East to West and South to North. I expect a river of new ideas from CIM-B in the future." >>Continue Reading
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