Friday, November 19, 2010

China and Web 2.0 - Hacking, knock-offs, taxes, jail !?!

"Cyberwar? China hijacks US government and military web traffic

November 18, 2010 By Daniel Mark Carr From the Shanghaiist

"....In April of this year, 15% of the world’s internet traffic, including data to/from the Pentagon, and other official US governmental and military sites, was rerouted through China for 18 minutes."
"...If someone was sat in California emailing or messaging some confidential information to someone in Washington D.C, instead of the information going through a server in the States, it was redirected through in China...."  >> Continue Reading

November 18, 2010 Global Times via

"....IT experts in Beijing Wednesday blasted a report accusing a Chinese State-run telecom company of hijacking massive Internet traffic toward US military and government sites earlier this year.....The US-China Economic and Security Review was submitted to US Congress and was scheduled to be published in the US this morning...Chinese experts call such assertion "ridiculous and unreasonable," as they say the United States, with the world's most advanced technology, controls the majority of the digital information flow...It affected Internet traffic toward websites, including those of government-owned sites such as the office of the secretary of defense, NASA and four military branches - the army, navy, marine corps and air force - as well as commercial sites such like Yahoo, Dell and Microsoft, the ABC News report said, citing the draft...."  >> Continue Reading

[Re] Tweet sends woman to one year's worth of labor camp

Cheng Jianping

November 19, 2010 By Tiffany Ap The Shanghaiist 

"A 46-year old woman named Cheng Jianping has just been sentenced to a year of reeducation at a labor camp for retweeting a satirical message mocking anti-Japanese protesters who've been causing a ruckus over the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands.

...The tweet originally belonged to her fiance, Hua Chunhui. He explains, "...I posted [a] message on Twitter, satirically saying that if they [anti-Japanese protesters] really want to do something big, they should just get on a plane and attack the Japan pavilion at the expo. Of course, that is not possible."  >> Continue Reading

November 18, 2010 posted by Andi on GizChina
"....Ha ha I love this little 7 inch Droipad tablet! I’ve been trying to kick the habit of referring to every Chinese made tablet as an iPad clone, I even had a bit of a rant about it, but I’ve not done so well....But this tablet! This guy! He looks like a giant iPhone 4! There’s no way I could refer to it as an iPad clone, knock off, copy!" >> Continue Reading

Is it Appropriate to Impose a High Tax on Apple iPads? 
The imposition of a 1,000-yuan ($150) tax on Apple iPads purchased overseas and brought into the country has triggered a heated debate among the public. While many people are complaining about the high tax, Customs officials insist the tax is reasonable. Do you think it is fair to levy such a heavy tax on iPads for personal use? >> Continue Reading for Pros and Cons and Discussion 

Sony Clones
November 16, 2010 Posted By Andi On Giz-China
"We’ve seem some excellent looking Shanzhai (fake,clone) products this year from a whole host of companies trying to imitate the most sought after gadgets and gizmos, but out of all of them it’s the Sony knock offs which really grab our attention...." >>Continue Reading

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