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Design Trend - Retro Robots ** updated 01-10-10 ***

New Retro Robots for your viewing pleasure
***01-10-2010 ***
Robots Wall Art  $55.55 From Yahgie

Yummm! Why stop building gingerbread creations when Christmas is over?
This Retro Robot looks so cool and so delicious. From Weekday Carnival

Rosie the Robot, The Jetsons
Retro Robots are popping up everywhere from Fashion to Furniture. You can buy a $5 necklace, or $38,000 diamond pendant, both featuring a boxy headed robot.

Before you become concerned that the US, like California is going to be overtaken by the Terminator Robots. (sorry Gov. Arnold, I am actually a big fan and think you did a wonderful job as our Governator!) The robots appearing on t-shirts, pijamas, pillows, stationary, and underwear are friendly;  these are the silly, fun loving, awkward moving robots made famous in the post WWII TV Sitcom era. 

Robby the Robot, Lost In Space
My Favorites are: 
  1. Rosie from The Jetsons, she really ran that house hold! 
  2. Robby the Robot from Lost In Space 
  3. ...there is another robot, with a boxy headed one that i liked, but can't recall where I originally saw it.... stay tuned. (I'm sure it will wake me up at 3am in a "Eureka" moment)
Following is a long-ass list of retro robot schwag... the key to this trend is the retro part. These aren't terminator, transformer, star wars, or any other 'modern' robots. This look is iconic, boxy, very Mid-Century in design, color, and product selection. 

Robot Junior Bedding Set from Rose & Grey. £85 via

Robi the Retro Robot iphone Case by Speck From Zazzle 

Robot Junior Bedding Set from Rose & Grey. £85 via
Robots Birthday Card $4.75
by Julia Rothman from Amazon

Enamelled Robot Necklace

In Black And White With Silver Finish

from Amazon $6.99
I Am Not A Robot $24
Hand Made from Sense of Fashion

Retro Style Space Robot
Space Cowboy Tee by tapete from lula sapphire
Chillbots Robot Ice Cube Tray
from Perpetual Kid $7.99

Juicy Couture Robot Key Fob $40

Robot Laptop Bag $47.99
from Irregular Choice

Silver Robot Necklace $55
from Shana Logic

Robot Hearts Underwear $4.80
from Forever 21 

Ames Bros Robot Kong
$29 from Buckle

Lonzo Pirate Robot T-Shirt
from Yes Style $25

Robot Ball from Amazon via Swissmiss $7.98

Classic Windup Robot

by Schylling from Amazon $10.48

Build Your Own Robot Wall Decals
by Roommates available on Amazon $12.99
via Swiss Miss
Under the Christmas Tree from Atomic Living
1950's Electric Robot and Son were manufactured in
the U.S.A. by Louis Marx in response to the
immensely popular Robert the Robot
 by rival manufacturer Ideal Toys.

"Thermochrome" Picture Dial Watch
by Titanium from Nordstrom $14
New Breed Girl Konnichwa Robot T-Shirt £19.95from Chaotic Clothing

MR. ROBOTS PILLOWS from Ferm Living

Robot Cupcakes (March 02, 2010) via From UK based
Art at Heart Blog found at 'Cupcakes take the cake' by Hello Naomi.
Image © Cup Cakes Take The Cake/Hello Naomi all rights reserved

From Modern Nursery Flickr
via Coochicoos

Walter No 37561 by Modern Pop

Robot Hand Warmers from Pedlars £6.50
Wood Toy Robot with (as noted) Magnetic Hands and
a hinged head (not shown in this view)
via This Next, available exclusively at Mahar Dry Goods
Broken Heart Robot via This Next
"Robo Keys" from Rotofugi $5 
Ugly Doll Brand "Uglybot" Wind Up By
David Horvath & Sun-Min Kim (US) $8 at Rotofugi
From My Deco Blog (11/19/2010) White ceramic toy
ornaments in iconic childhood shapes,
from robots to spaceships from West Elm.

I Like You A Bot Tee $29.99
from Modcloth
Wind Me Up Necklace $24.99
from Modcloth

Owl Call You Back iPhone Skin

$17.99 from Modcloth

Robot Thumb Drive 2GB from Pedlars
Robot Thumb Drive 2GB from Pedlars
Swissmiss Blogger Tina Roth Eisenberg is, like me having a love affair with Retro Robots. Robot BallSchylling Classic Windup RobotBuild Your Own Robot Peel & Stick Wall DecalsMudpuppy Robots Magnetic FiguresLEGO 8683 Minifigures Series 1 – LOOSE – RobotBasic Fun David Kirk Stacking RobotROBO KEYS, Futurama Bender Wind-up Robot Action ToyHog Wild Robot Calculator Galactic Addition – WhiteRobot Bubble Bottles
And yet MORE Retro Robot Blog love, this time from Nesting Newbies December 28, 2010 blog entitled "Robot Romance". Shown: Pilgrimage by Eric JoynerLilliput Robot Junior from Tin Toy ArcadeRobot Rob from 3 Fish Studios
Super Rad, Must Have "Robots & Donuts" by Eric Joyner

Robot Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder via Nesting Newbies
Robot Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder via Nesting Newbies
Robot Wallpaper by Aimee Wilder via Nesting Newbies
...again, from Swiss Miss  Robot Wallpaper by Aimée Wilder
Yumbot Cupcake Molds $18 from Perpetual Kid

Artificial Intelligence Ice Cube Tray
 from Modcloth
Artificial Intelligence Ice Cube Tray
 from Modcloth
Robot Laptop Bag
$48 from Irregular Choice Via Polyvore
Retro Robot Belt $15 from
Sick For Cute
via Polyvore

  • QEELIN Roobot #2 Pendant

  • $37,135 from 

  • Purple Robot Fashion Set $26 Avalaya

"Gold" Robot Charm Link from Miss Selfridge £5.00

Space Cowboy Tee £20.50 by Tapete from Lulasapphire

Robot Melamine Plates!  From de Kleine Zebra  
(These would be awesome framed in shadow
boxes and displayed on a wall, I'd totally do that!
Cool Robot Party Invites by from de Kleine Zebra 
Tin Robot Toys available at Little Zebra (
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