Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Business: OMG my new favorite online toy

More to come... I'll be full of  lots of rantings I'm sure..

but wanted to share my new favorite toy.

with all of the discussions of Commodity prices and inflation, I happened upon this super-duper rad Alibaba commodity price by supplier by contract page. you can see by different Asian countries, and for all different commodities including Diesel, which (rant #1, without any research yet)... seems to be heavily regulated by the Chinese government, check it out, NO/zero/zip fluctuation in price, hmmm?! There are also food prices, check out broccoli prices in the past week, Yikes... food inflation = demonstrations = revolutions?! (and having been in china, i know that the Chinese really do like broccoli. If these were US numbers, the rise in price wouldn't be a big issue, since we don't like veggies ;-) )

So here is the main page.... i gotta get back to 'real' work.... but more to come... i promise (read threaten)
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