Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Product Idea - Bring Back the VW Bus

The sound

The new VW bug is sooo popular that I have a bruise on my right arm! (If you've ever played slug bug with your nieces, you'd understand.)

"Nine Things we Love About VW Beetle"

With larger cars necessary for carpools, transporting 2 Labradors, and Costco shopping trips....

I'd like to request that VW bring back the VW bus, in the same vein they did the bug . Updated style that still has that groovy VW brand identity!

Oh - and VW,  I do not consider this 2011 introduction to be the answer to my request...its just NOT the same!  This is more of the "you can go with this, you can go with that" car for a VW customer.
01 Volkswagen Bulli Concept in Geneva 2011 500x333 Volkswagen Bulli Concept in Geneva 2011: Microbus Car Come Out
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