Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breaking Design News: Phillips Collection Wins Record-Breaking Seven ADEX Awards!

Phillips Collection recognized for winning the most-ever ADEX Awards with 7 total awards. 
  • 5 Platinum Awards (their highest honor)
  • 1 Gold Award
  • 1 Silver Award. 
This record breaks the previous record of 6 held by, ironically, Phillips Collection!

The Phillips Collection is one of the leading companies specializing in the extraordinary. Modern, organic, eco-friendly furnishings and accessories that work indoors and out. Every piece a conversation. Visit us online or at a show! 

ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program for product design of furniture, fixtures and finishes marketed to the design trade. In 1994 Design Journal, an international trade publication for interior designers, architects and facility managers became the proud sponsor of the ADEX Awards as a way of recognizing superior product design introduced,

Wave Outdoor Planters
2011 Adex Platinum Award Winner , "Wave Outdoor Planter"
Price: MSRP $1,497.00 - Large, $1,047.00 - Medium, $597.00 - Small
The rippling patters created by wind on the sand – the Waves collection combines organic inspiration with high technology. Long-lasting, water resistant, lightweight and durable, these outdoor planters show how contemporary materials can take on the spirit of nature.
The stonecast planters are made from a resin and stone composit. Ground up stone is mixed with resin and then molded into the wave form, creating a natural stone appearance. 
Up Lamps
2011 Adex Platinum Award Winner  "Up Lamps" 

Price: MSRP $2,157.00 - Large, $1,437.00 - Small

Recycled, works outdoors, and an environmental statement!Inspired from a power plant industrial factory that is currently increasing in rate of production and consumes more energy while destroying global atmosphere layers, this concept leads to the smokestack design using simple lines which spurt above. This makes us aware of destroyed global atmosphere layers and helps us begin to recognize natural resources. Every time we turn on the light, it reminds us to preserve the use of electricity and natural resources. Up Lamps are made from scraps of teak wood; durable and works outdoors! 

Bamboo Media Center
2011 Adex Platinum Award Winner  Bamboo Media Center
Price: MSRP $2,997.00

Technology and design, finally combined. Finally, real furniture for a flat screen. Finally, something that doesn't look like a cardboard box. Finally, a media center with style. Only at Phillips Collection. 
River Stone Cocktail Table
Designed by Jason Phillips
2011 Adex Platinum Award Winner , River Stone Cocktail Table

Price: MSRP $1,047.00, $1,497.00
Lacquerware is an ancient art that lends itself to very modern design. The beauty of lacquer is that it can be used to create so many different looks. River Stone tables – inspired by nature, interpreted in metal leaf and lacquer. Made from resin and fiberglass and finished in lacquer, the River Stone table is a beautiful accent both in the home and outdoors.

2011 Silver Adex Award Winner, Abstract Bamboo Mirrors
Price: MSRP $87.00 - Small, $147.00 - Medium , $267.00 - Large, $357.00 - XLarge
Ancient materials, modern spirit. Organic forms evoke natural elements, but are completely contemporary. The juxtaposition of ideas, inspirations and materials is at the heart of the Phillips Collection. Available in a customizable range of sizes and colors. 
Balls On Wall
2011 Adex Platinum Award Winner Balls on The Wall
Price: MSRP $297.00 - XSmall, $357.00 - Small, $477.00 - Medium, $597.00 - Large
Bold and beautiful. The unusual depth and dimension of the Ball Wall décor make it exceptional – an extraordinary statement in a sea of framed prints. Available in a range of sizes – customize an unforgettable interior! 
Each ball comes with a wall mount and a ceiling hook. The wall mount can be screwed into the wall, and then the ball can screw onto the mount. If desired on the ceiling, the hook can be screwed into the ball in place of the wall mount. 
Abaca Elonga Planters
2011 Adex Gold Award, Abaca Elonga Planters
Price: MSRP $987.00 - Small, $1,197.00 - Medium, $2,037.00 - Large
Introduced in 2010, the Elonga Planters have become a great success. These planters are made from the natural materials of abaca leaves, as well as banana leaves, natural weave and wood. After the leaves are placed, the planter is covered in many layers of resin to give it strength and a beautiful luster. The planters also come in three sizes of both a Classic and the Elonga style. Two new finishes, polished aluminum and polished bronze, have been introduced into the collection.

For More Information you can contact:
Contact: Jason Phillips
Company: The Phillips Collection
Address: 916 Finch Avenue
City: High Point
State: North Carolina
Country: USA
Phone: 336-882-7400
Fax: 336-882-7405
e-mail: jason@phillipscollection.com

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