Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Apple's Failure - Sacrificing Ergonomics for Aesthetics

Form follows function. Always!

So why are all the tablet computers ergonomic disasters?
I admit, I was a very late adopter of the iPhone, I thought it would anchor me to e-mails and communication 24/7. I finally submitted after my mum and dad each had one. 

Needless to say, I don't have a tablet yet. I know I would love the larger screen, because I prefer to read blogs, digital papers, and mags on my tiny iPhone screen but I also know that the current iPad, and all its competitor clones have the following limitations:

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after market strap $49.94, seriously?!
1. You can, in fact be too thin!
The iPad shape is thin, sleek, and sexy. But it's a bitch to hold for a long time when you are reading an article. Not to mention, the cramp you get trying to hold it with one hand while using the touch screen to zoom, scroll, and type. 

Apple, please hire someone from Herman Miller, where they know how to study at work real work ergonomic needs and how to apply that knowledge to beautiful, minimal, and timeless product designs.

2. Remember the Gorilla & The Suitcase?
American tourister had it right when their ad campaign rolled out in 1970. Apple designers, please listen and learn. This IS the next innovation generation for tablets - real world use!

 3. I need something that is much sturdier, and water resistant wouldn't be bad either
I know I can't drop it a million times, but I also know I'd be using it outside most of the time so I would want to be able to nudge it a bit, clean off dirt and the occasional dew moisture. Toughbook has been designing laptop cases for use on construction sites, for the Air Force, and in hospital environments (think bacteria) why can't Apple hire some of Toughbook's  designers, or...better yet,  buy the freekin' company, Apple has a few billion dollars on their books in cash.

4. I want to be able to read in the sunlight
Seriously Apple, you are on the iPhone 5, that is a big problem that I have to angle my screen or go under a tree to be able to read my screen. If the Kindle can do it, why can't you? This is a serious no brainer. 

Photo of Panasonic Toughbook CF-H1 Health
Tablet by Toughbook for Hospitals
5.Babies don't come with Handles but Tablets can
I want to be able to carry it easily not precariously. Again, aftermarket supplier has designed for industries to integrate additional functionality, including a nice sturdy, ergonomic handle.  

Imagine if briefcases didn't have handles. Or back packs didn't have straps. What if DB Cooper's parachute didn't have straps on the harness? Please, can we have an integrated handle of some sort so we can carry these things? There are some great 'innovations' in the good'ole clipboard. 
the clipboard was a good idea, but better when it had a handle!

6. Missed Product Development, Increased Sales, Increased Margin.... Opportunities really irk me! 
In addition to the annoyance of the overlooked functionality, it is equally frustrating that a company that should be a leader in brand innovation and capitalization has missed such a massive branding opportunity. Handbags, baby strollers, and cars are all consumer products that are purchased for their brand and what it says about the user as it's function. 

Any woman or stock analyst can attest that luxury fashion consumers pay exorbitant (in my opinion) prices for handbags from coveted brands. From Coach, to Louis Vuitton ($LVMUY.PK) After all, 94% of Toyko women in their 20s own a LV bag! these brands are ubiquitous across the globe. And Asia is soon to surpass all markets as the largest. (previous related blog posts here, here, here) What a missed opportunity to sport the fashion statement of the Apple brand while pairing the functionality of a handbag, or as is now popular in China a man-bag. Apple, I suggest you try to steal away Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts to lead up the non technical product development division of Apple. 

So, I'll be waiting Apple. 

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