Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kelly + Olive: Ideas You Should Steal

Kelly + Olive: Ideas You Should StealTaken Directly from the amazing blog AphroChic, thanks for your wonderful insights! April 

I was so happy to participate in an effort by Lauren Paradise and Courtney Davis from one of my favorite design blogs, Kelly + Olive.  A couple of months ago I received an email from them about their latest project, an effort to raise funds for Dwell with Dignity.  The idea was to feature fun home projects from 17 home, craft and lifestyle bloggers, and place them all in one totally cool e-book that's available to all of you!  For just $1, you can get tips on how to make an end table out of a suitcase, create your own rug, and style the perfect pillowscape on your sofa (that one's from me).

Kelly + Olive: Ideas You Should Steal

To check out my tips on styling pillows in seven easy steps, and more fun activities from some of your favorite bloggers, including Kirsten from Simply Grove, Sherry and John from Young House Love, and Anne from The City Sage, download your copy at Kelly + Olive.  100% of the proceeds will go to Dwell with Dignity and will help to create beautiful homes for families in need.

As the weekend approaches I also wanted to let you know about some other places you can find me on the blogosphere:

  • Check out my skype chat with Torrey McGraw from Grind & Thrive.  It's all about my journey from attorney to blogger to designer.
  • I also had A SMALL CHAT with Rebecca Orlov from Loving.Living.Small this week.  It was all about small space design and bringing in lots of color and pattern.  Definitely check it out.
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