Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Protecting Intellectual Property to Achieve Higher Margins Sales

I just posted a podcast to the ASFD blog that I think is great for anyone business. And, in the home furnishings industry which is notorious for intellectual property violations and infringements.

This is an area that is sporadically addressed and prosecuted. However, it has become increasingly important for brands (designer, manufacturer, retailer) to differentiate their products in order to distance their products from the 'commodity' price point. And to become known as 'innovators' rather than followers. In order to build and protect the investment in research and product development (including sourcing) companies in the Home Furnishings Industry will need to enforce their intellectual property rights. And, in order to do that, companies and leaders will need to know their rights both in the US and abroad. This podcast is a good start to that education. Enjoy

Branding will be a future topic of my blog, so please watch for those forthcoming posts.

Also, there is a link on the ASFD web-site to the Womble Carlyle Law Firm blog. Specializing in the Home Furnishings industry, and a longtime ASFD member, Jack Hicks is an excellent resource on the topic of Intellectual Property rights in the Home Furnishings Industry.  
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