Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New! Dropbox Folder for 2012 Trends

In response to several comments from iDevice people that they could not view the Slideshare documents on their iPhones / iPads, I have set up Dropbox folders for easy downloading of the 2012 Trend PDF documents that I have shared publicly.  I am new to Dropbox, so please feel free to share suggestions for how I can streamline the sharing process.

It is my understanding that I need to send the link to the individual Dropbox folders by e-mail to grant access, so please just drop me a line via e-mailPinterest Comment , or Linked-In  if you want me to send out the link. Please indicate to which categories you would like Dropbox folder access and I will send out the e-mail link from Dropbox. (Don't worry, I won't spam you with e-mails. Once I've sent out the link, I will delete your e-mail from my records. If you want to share your info with me, please connect via Linked-In)
The e-mail from Dropbox will look like this

Folders by Category are:
  • #bizTrend
  • #retailTrend
  • #designTrend
  • #colorTrend
  • #print+patternTrend
  • #materialTrend

There are also Pinterest moodboards for each #designTrend #colorTrend #materialTrend by individual trend (eg: color | mint , textiles | velvet ). Please let me know if you want me to send a Pinterest invite. I'm not sure how if they are enforcing the invite only policy, but anyway...the offer is there.
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