Sunday, March 20, 2011

Santa Barbara - Modern Architecture and Interior Design You Can Buy

When most people think of Santa Barbara architecture, they think of red tile roofs, Spanish style architecture, and super expensive price tags on real estate. Generally that is all true, but there are a few good examples of new as well as old modern, mid-century modern, and contemporary buildings (residential, commercial, and retail). 

Following are a few that are currently on the market -( I'll put the prices and links to the Realtor in case you are interested in purchasing a few. :-) 

"Son Soreno"  only $15 million, listed by Village Properties
116 acres in Santa Ynez Valley. 
SB Property Search Hint: if the homestead in Santa Barbara you are interested in has a 'name', you know that it's gonna cost a pretty penny, or a billion.
2815 East Valley Road, Montecito California only $3,999,999
(that $1 really makes a difference!) from Village Properties
219 Equestrian Avenue, Santa Barbara California
Only $1.75 million for a massive 980 square feet
listed by Village Properties
1608 Las Canoas Road, Santa Barbara California
Listed for $1,695,000 - Relatively speaking this is a great deal!
Great location, school district, and of course rad house!
Listed by Village Properties

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