Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Design Trend: August Trend Updates after #LVmkt

After attending the summer Las Vegas Furniture Market ( #LVmkt ) I can say with confidence that the MOST prevalent trend remains "Greige" and the look is spreading from higher price point niche suppliers and retailers to mass retailers. 

The Greige trend has spread from nail salons to fashion, home, entertaining, gourmet, and package design.

In addition to my previous blog post on the topic and introduction of Greige (here), I have also added  my "Greige" mood board on Pinterest  79 images from a wide range of the consumer goods marketplace and blogosphere for your reference and use in your own trend presentations. (Please be sure to give credit and add back-links to the original sources for each image.) If you want additional information on the Greige trend, wood color panels (including step panels fromem Valspar and Akzo), or customized presentations done for your specific customer or product needs, please feel free to get in touch with me. 

Below are the highlights of the Greige trend, and a screen shot of my "Greige" mood board on Pinterest as of today. I will continue to update the images as I come across new great references and inspiration. I will also be posting a free example of one of my in depth trend report for all the fall 2011 design trends including the fav Greige to slideshare. Stay tuned for the post upload date. 

  • style
    • eco rustic
    • modern
    • transitional
  • as seen at retail influencers:
    • restoration hardware
    • home decorators
    • crate & barrel
    • arhaus furniture
    • pottery barn
  • social influencers
    • recycling & up-cycling
    • tv shows like "American Pickers"
    • instagram iphone app

  • trend appears in
    • fabric (burlap, linen, up-cycled french grain sacks)
    • wood (pickled light finishes, gray and pewter glazed finishes)
    • metal (industrial up-cycled with pluming fittings, re-purposed industrial bases, and old factory machinery components on display as functional or decorative art.)
    • accents, accessories, lighting, rugs
    • appliances (from lg to kitchenaid, warm and cool grays are on trend and available at retail)
    • fashion fall/winter 2009 runways began the gray trend, and to me it seemed a reflection of the economic malaise, however it has continued as a trend and didn't die the quick death of a fad. some designers are adding pops of color including citron to lighten the mood a bit.
    • even desserts 
other color trends
  • lime 
    • katie hatch 2011 color of the year
    • previous blog posts hereherehere, and here)Popular in home decor emerging in 2011 and will continue through 2013. This bold and bright color is cheerful, whimsical, and modern. It is also a great complement to Pantone's 2010 color of the year Turquoise and 2012 Honeysuckle.
  • yellow 
    • katie hatch 2012 color of the year
    • previous blog post here
    • Color trend for decorating 2012-2013. A mixture of bright lemon yellows for the modern fan, rustic mustard for the greige crowd, soft butter cream for the cottage crowd.
  • rainbow
    • Bright, happy, not just for kids. I'm loving this rainbow trend...if it is one emerging. Perhaps because it is contrary to the economy and the daily news. 
  • turquoise 
    • pantone 2010 color of the year
  • honeysuckle 
    • pantone 2011 color of the year
    • previous blog post here
    • Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year is "Honeysuckle".... what do you think? Wearable? Good for an interior? Maybe a car! :-)
  • navy blue, clean linens and wood (tailored menswear inspired pinstripes in twill (eg: ralph lauren))
  • chevron

  • burlap 
    • previous blog post here
    • A fresh cottage look combines an authentic aged white with natural burlap feed sacks.
wood finishes
  • chocolate on ash veneers with pewter glaze (replaces espresso)
  • natural pickled finishes
motif (will appear in wall art, fabric prints, and accents kids motifs)
  • mod elephant
    • previous blog post here
  • British invasion / union jack 
    • previous blog post here
    • The Union Jack is a popular icon across a range of styles in home furnishings from bold modern decor to shabby chic burlap and greige designs.
    • up-cycled neutral fabrics in a modern patchwork theme
  • modern patchwork 
    • previous blog post here
    • Patchwork generally conjures an image of an old country quilt - not these! Modern patchwork is a bold mix of hues and patterns in modern, geometric, and retro configurations and applied to soft goods, hard goods, apparel, and nearly anything else. (i'm sure to find a picture of a person one day who's been decorated with patchwork paint)
  • retro robots 
    • previous blog post here
    • mainly for kids...these retro robots with vintage low tech-awkward vacuum hose looking design, boxy heads, and semi anthropomorphic features are back in style. This may be another one of those trends where parents are decorating from their childhood.
  • owls
    • previous blog post here
    • great for nurseries, (expecially if you are a Chi-Omega) . The wise owl, in a modern form is a great mascot for any child.
  • mod birds
    • previous blog post here
    • Birds are timeless symbols of peace and freedom. This trend takes that wonderful sentiment and makes it updated for modern interiors. The mid-century modern stylized birds (and birds on branches) are flocking to walls (decals), toyboxes, and handbags.
  • bicycles 

design styles
  • wanderlust - #up-cycled style. re-purposed steamer trunks, luggage, and tack boxes from bold & bright moderns to greige vintage restoration hardware inspired decor. on etsy you can find beds for your dog or cat up-cycled from a vintage suitcase, a coffee table, a computer armoire, and.... a trunk used as a storage trunk (hmmm... )

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